Strategies to Protect Your Air Conditioning System During Hurricane Season

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As the South Texas Gulf Coast community knows all too well, the summer months bring not only the promise of sun-soaked days but also the looming approach of hurricane season. Lasting from June 1 to November 30, with September being the most active month for hurricanes, these months require proactive air conditioning preparation to safeguard your home and loved ones. At Stalwart AC Service and Heating Services, we understand the importance of ensuring your cooling system’s resilience during these challenging times. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to shield your air conditioning system from the elements as you brace for the storm.

Shielding Window AC Units: A Sensible First Step

If your home relies on the trusty window air conditioner, taking swift action is paramount. As a hurricane approaches, the relentless gusts can dislodge your window AC unit, causing potential harm to the unit itself and its surroundings. The first line of defense is simple: unplug and remove the unit before the storm strikes. If circumstances prevent removal, consider investing in a sturdy cover complete with reliable straps. This preventive measure acts as a safeguard against the elements’ fury, ensuring your AC unit remains secure and unharmed.

Safeguarding Portable AC Units: A Cool Approach

For those with portable AC units nestled within their homes, adopting a strategic approach can make a significant difference. Running your portable AC until the storm’s arrival serves a dual purpose. Not only does it help cool your indoor space to the fullest, but it also optimizes your comfort in anticipation of a potential power outage. When the storm does make landfall, remember to unplug your portable AC to shield it from harm due to sudden power surges. This measured response ensures that your comfort remains intact amid the storm’s tumult.

Protecting Central AC Units: A Multi-Layered Strategy

Defending your central air conditioning system demands a comprehensive plan. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your AC system remains resilient and your indoor haven remains undisturbed:

Embrace the Element-Resistant Shield:

Procure a waterproof cover designed to envelop your AC compressor. The cover acts as armor against rain, wind, and flying debris. Choose a size that securely encapsulates the entire unit, providing thorough protection.

Elevate the Foundation:

In regions prone to hurricanes, consider mounting your AC unit on a concrete slab. If your current setup falls short of offering protection against potential flooding, engaging a contractor to raise the slab’s height is a proactive measure.

Reinforce with Anchor Inspection:

Inspect and tighten the anchor bolts securing your compressor to the concrete slab. These bolts must have the capacity to withstand wind speeds exceeding 160 MPH, ensuring your unit’s steadfastness.

Cool Comfort Before the Storm:

Adjust your thermostat to a lower temperature in the lead-up to the storm. Seal all windows and doors, creating an insulating cocoon that maintains indoor comfort, even if the power goes dark.

Power Down for Surge Protection:

As the hurricane approaches, deactivate your AC unit at the breaker box. This precautionary step prevents potential damage due to power surges, offering an added layer of defense.

Surge Protectors for Added Safeguarding:

Contemplate installing a surge protector tailor-made to protect your compressor. Particularly valuable in areas prone to power outages or lightning strikes, this measure extends the longevity of your air conditioning unit.

Secure the Surroundings:

Store away outdoor furniture and other large objects that could collide with your compressor during the storm. Regularly trimming large tree branches minimizes the risk of damage from falling debris.

Emerging from the Storm Unharmed

After the storm calms, step outside to carefully inspect your AC compressor. Delicately clear away any debris that might have entered the unit. If you don’t notice any visible damage, you can proceed with confidence to restore power and reactivate your air conditioning system.
Should you encounter any challenges or harbor suspicions of potential damage, don’t hesitate to contact Stalwart Air Conditioning and Heating Services. Our team of HVAC professionals is equipped to guide you through the preparations for hurricane season and its aftermath.
In the face of impending storms, you have the tools to ensure your comfort endures. Armed with these strategies and supported by Stalwart Air Conditioning and Heating Services, you can fortify your cooling system, sail through the storm, and emerge on the other side with your indoor sanctuary intact. Your comfort is our goal. For more information, visit our website at

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